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Kundalini Class

Saturday Mornings when dates are agreed.  Next class in May. Phone to enquire or book your place. Class is approximately 60 -75 mins.

Cost £10 paid prior to attending.

Yoga and Kristal - a teacher of teachers.

Yoga gives more benefits than you will know!

Each yoga system has its life-giving and health-giving benefits despite the differences in approach...the goal is the same...liberation from  a cluttered mind, release from tension in the body, a greater balance of emotions and ultimately, a happier , healthier attitude to life.

My core training was in Iyengar Yoga and it will always be my underlying practice.  Kundalini Yoga gives immediacy and intensity, the benefits of which can be felt straightaway-this is a yoga that works with the body's Energy rather than focussing on the physical body, and because Energy moves quicker than the physical, you feel the effects with immediacy. 

In the past I practised Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, when Derek Ireland was my inspiration.

For many years I was dedicated to a daily Iyengar Practice. I spent 3 weeks in India being taught by B.K.S Iyengar and his daughter.

My practice has changed as I have got older and as I have experienced a breadth in my own practice that goes beyond the "physical".

I use Yoga according to what I need at the time - this is my freedom.

I teach students who have been attending for over 15 years and I have taught students who were inspired to teach.

Alongside my yoga practice, I have completed the most challenging training ever ! It is The Wim Hof Method - an intense training in breathwork and mental focus.This is not yoga, per se, but was developed by the Dutchman Wim Hof, from his own spiritual practices. In comparison to the WHM, I began to believe that yoga practice is straightforward and easier !  The WHM teaches to overcome emotional blocks, to gain mastery over the mind and control over emotions, by in-the-moment-experience.

Both Yoga and WH practices share the same ethos, are life-giving and go deep into the physiology of our body and mind.

We become stronger on many levels because both these systems contribute to re-wiring the brain and therefore our thinking patterns.. 

Iyengar Yoga brings strength, flexibility and emotional stamina.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga brings mental focus, cleansing, upper body strength and flexibility through raising the body temperature - similar to Bikram Yoga. 

Kundalini Yoga includes physical sequences, meditations and chanting of mantras. It is a system that works at subtle levels of our mind and body by stimulating Energy channels,as well as strengthening the body.

Alongside my Yoga and Yoga therapeutic approach, I am a trained Psychotherapist and have had training in short-term counselling.

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