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Used and New Therapy Books For Sale

I have therapy books for sale that I have used during my Trainings. They are in good condition and some are hardly used.

Penguin range: Freud


Art and Literature

On Psychopathology

The Psychopathology of Everyday Life

Case Histories - Dora and Little Hans

Infantile Neurosis & Other Works

Freud & Breuer: Hysteria

£5 each or £20 for all.


Love and Hate. Ed by David Mann  £7

Belief and Imagination: Ronald Britton £7

The Dead Mother: Andre Green £8

Emotional Vertigo: Quinodoz £7

The Psychoanalysis of Children: Melanie Klein £4

Interpersonal Therapy: Harry Stack-Sullivan £5

Love's Executioner and other tales: Irvin Yalom £3

Psychic Retreats: John Steiner £7

Individual Psychotherapy: David Malan £6

The Patient and the Analyst: Sandler and Dare £7


Object Relation s in Psychoanalytic Theory: Greenberg and Mitchell £9

books by Institute of Psychoanalysis

Impasse and Interpretation: Rosendfeld

Melanie Klein Today: Vol ! and Vol 2.

All 3 books £9 each or £20 for all.

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