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Feel the sense of well-being and calmness from this ancient art of life improvement. Enjoy the relaxed state of your mind, body and spirit. Feel the benefit of lasting energy and relaxation. Benefit from enhanced health and the gains of strengthening your body.  Yoga improves blood flow, stimulates organ function, balances the glands, works therapeutically with some physical ailments.  The range of postures can help arthritis, back problems, blood pressure and other conditions.

Kristal's Yoga classes in Leeds (LS8) include a varied programme of postures and breathing exercises which give benefits in different ways. If you have a specific need in a class, she adapts the posture for you or will give you something else to do.

Kristal has many personal experiences and good knowledge of several schools of yoga and she brings her experiences to the classes. She has trained also in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and completed a year-long course in Pranayama (Yoga Breathing).

Classes are based mainly on Iyengar Yoga and because of popularity,  places are bookable.

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Find Your Wellness


Yoga is wholistic. Yoga includes physical  postures that release tightness and tension. Stretching is active and passive. Active stretching brings more blood to your muscles , releases lactic acid and softens tightness. Passive stretching allows muscles to release in a quieter way.  When you have been active in postures followed by relaxation, you will feel more relaxed both in body and mind.

Soothe Your Mind


Yoga Leeds teaches Pranayama  - "breathing practices" used during certain postures or as separate practices. Pranayama can stimulate your energy and enhances the quality of your brain,mind and body.  Breathing practices are many and varied: for lowering or raising blood pressure; reduction of anxiety; de-stressing; better concentration; help with sleeping.

Yoga in Leeds offers  Kundalini Yoga classes in Leeds once a month Saturday mornings. Phone to book.  

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Class Location

Contact me to ask about my classes or to book a place.

Email: info@kristalclark.co.uk

Phone: 01132 71 48 10

Yoga North Leeds with Kristal

Parochial Hall, Fitzroy Drive, Leeds LS8

0113 271 4810

Class Times

Open today

10:30 – 23:45

There are TWO classes on Monday: 6.15pm and 7.45pm. All classes are open to everyone.  For Beginners, Wednesday morning or Monday 7.45pm are most suitable.

Prices: £9 or £7.25 twice weekly.

New students: first 3 classes £22.